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These general parameters and specifications are intended to help manufacturing engineers and designers to create a circuit layout by utilizing the most effective metalization solutions while designing products PCTF® technology in mind.

PCTF ® Technology is based on plating copper on Thick Films on a ceramic substrate, in single or multiple up image arrays. Copper is plated to the required thickness and configuration. Basic rules developed for design and manufacturing with air fireable thick film hybrids are applicable with some additions and modifications as described in ByCorroh Design Guidelines.

Engineering & Design

AutoCAD for PCB Artwork

Engineering Design
Artwork Conversion 


This document explains how to use AutoCAD to draw printed circuit board artwork. The methods described here are not the only ones that work, but have been successfully applied to both simple and complex boards. The drawings are converted to Gerber using Artwork Conversion Software's ASM 500. Two types of boards will be discussed:


  • A two-sided PCB


  • A multi-layer board with power and ground planes

The Two-Sided Board

The two sided board requires several photo tooling films. AutoCAD layers that should be defined are:


  • Padmaster (PADM): pads for thru-hole component and vias

  • Solder side traces (SOLD): circuit traces, areas and smd pads on the solder side of the PCB

  • Comp side traces (COMP): circuit trace, areas and smd pads s on the component side of the PCB

  • Solder Mask: solder mask for top (and possibly bottom) side of board.

  • Silkscreen (SILK): component outlines, part numbers and the board identification

  • Targets (TARGET): alignment targets and mask ID for all layers

What is PCB design?

Printed circuit board (PCB) design brings your electronic circuits to life in the physical form. Using layout software, the PCB design process combines component placement and routing to define electrical connectivity on a manufactured circuit board.

Ceramic Circuit Board
Ceramic circuit board results
bycorroh ceramic board
bycorroh ceramic board
bycorroh ceramic board
bycorroh ceramic board


Designing PCBs is made easier with the help of today's sophisticated CAD tools, but many companies' requirements do not justify the acquisition cost and learning curve associated with specialized PCB design software. Printed Circuit Board Design Using AutoCAD helps design engineers and students get the most out of their AutoCAD workstation, showing tips and techniques to improve your design process. The book is organized as a series of exercises that show the reader how to draft electronic schematics and to design single-sided, double-sided, and surface-mount PCBs.

Coverage includes drafting schematics, designing PCB artwork, and preparation of detailed fabrication and assembly drawings for PCBs designed on other EDA systems. Appendices on the Gerber and Excellon formats are vital information for anyone involved in professional PCB design. An introductory chapter gives an overview of PCB manufacturing technology and design techniques

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